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Since the early 14th century, this plant has been of cultural significance to countless communities across thousands of miles of this continent, from the high altitude mountains of Ethiopia to the shores of the Cape of Good Hope. Despite various changes in regulations, agriculture generally has continually occupied a leading industrial role throughout this history. In the face of challenges from a lack of enthusiasm from younger generations due to low economic potential, farming now contributes 40% of Sub Saharan GDP and 70% of its work force.

With the global cannabis and hemp legalisation movement, Ennersense Biotech believes in remembering this history and melding stigma into pride. But in leveraging what is undeniably a massive economic opportunity, it is imperative that past history not repeat itself. We believe that for cannabis to become a proven driver of transformational changes, we must have a philosophy of shard value.


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In keeping with our focus on reviving all cultural manifestations of the plant allowed by local regulations and cultural preferences, Ennersense Holdings operates subsidiaries in various stages of development in the regulated industries in Zimbabwe andSouth Africa


Regulated cannabis operation focusing on the production of medical EU-GMP certified cannabis flower, oil and products in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Rich in Plant Diversity

With more than 22,000 different higher plants or about 9% of all known species of plants on Earth, South Africa is particularly rich in plant diversity.

Action Research

Medical practitioner training, patient education and awareness are a key focus for Ennersense Med.

Long-term Planning

Genetics breeding programs create, preserve and enhance.

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